Paul Miller

“I had an extensive drain block in my outlet pipes in my house. Guys cleared the problem quickly and way cheaper than some of the quotes I got!”


Todd Bryan
Dun Laoghaire

“New toilet and cistern fitted by Steve. job was on time and on budget, looks great, ta!”


Patrick Harrison

“Boiler serviced in no time at all. great price too, cheers!”


Alisha Getty

“My washing machine died still full of clothes and water. Plumbers Dublin were here in no time at all to fix my problem. Thanks guys!”

John Anderson

“Steve came to my house 45 mins after calling, fixed the problem quickly and permanently. would use Plumbers Dublin again, no probs!.”


Natasha Henry

Called Plumbers Dublin at 5:30 pm. to install new shutoff valves under my sink. I explained the job required and they had a plumber at my house within an hour and he was very proficient and thorough. Explained every step of the job and discussed pros-cons of the different options. Also gave me some troubleshooting advice on a crappy dishwasher i had just purchased from Argos that wasn’t working properly. Anyhow, they were great and reasonably priced.

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