Plumbing Services F.A.Q.’s

Plumbing services F.A.Q's|Plumbing F.A.Q.'sQ. I‘ve got an emergency, will you be able to get a plumber out to me quickly?

A. As soon as you ring us you will get to speak to one of our senior Master Plumbers. He will advise you on any immediate preventative actions you can take. As we are a large group of experienced Dublin Plumbers, we will always have someone in your area. We guarantee a 60 minute response time but this can often be 15-30 minutes depending on the time and area.

Q. Do you charge for call outs?

A. No, we do not charge for call outs or for the time it takes to travel to you. We don’t charge for parking fees either we take pride in our transparency. Once we enter your home or business and undertake diagnostic and repair work, only then do we start charging for our time.

Q. What happens if you don’t have the part to repair my plumbing problem, do you charge me to go and get it?

A. This is unlikely as our vans are always fully stocked, though if this did happen we would not charge you for getting the part. We would just charge you for the part and the time it takes to fit it.

Q. Do you cover all areas of Dublin; I can’t see where I live on your website?

A. Yes, we cover the whole of county Dublin our website is big but not as big as county Dublin. You will probably see areas near to you on our drop down list so you can guarantee we have a plumber close by.

Q. Are all of your plumbers fully qualified?

Plumbing services F.A.Q's|Plumbing F.A.Q.'s|Plumber Dublin|Dublin PlumberA. Yes, All of our Plumbers in Dublin are fully qualified and R.G.I. Registered, some with more than 35 years experience, because of the nature of Emergency Plumbing call outs at present we do not have employ any apprentices at present. All our plumbers have a minimum of 6 years experience after qualification in the industry.

Q. Do you have insurance?


A. Yes all of the staff at plumbers Dublin are covered with full public liability and indemnity insurance .

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