Do you need your Gas Boiler servicing? Normally your manufacturer will state that your Gas boiler needs servicing at least once per year. Legislation in Ireland states that anyone working with Gas appliances in every respect whether it be gas boilers, Cookers or Heaters the work must be completed by an R.G.I. (Registered Gas Installer). We only use fully qualified Registered Gas installers.

Gas Boiler Servicing|Gas Boiler Service |Service Boiler|Boiler Service

Our team don’t just cover emergencies. Our team of master plumbers operate on a 24/7 basis with a totally free call out service covering all of county Dublin. So whether it’s an emergency or not just call 01-2844921 and one of our local plumbing team will be happy to pop out to you and offer a free, no-obligation quote.

We pride ourselves on our professional customer service, our work is based on our reputation; this is why the customers of  our company are so important to us and no matter how small or large the job you can be confident that our high quality, reliable service will remain the same.

Whether your Gas boiler needs to be fixed, replaced or serviced feel free to call us on 01-6874850 and to speak to one of our fully qualified R.G.I. experts and discuss any concerns you may have. Gas boiler servicing done correctly correctly will give you peace of mind, from a toxic emissions point of view, will extend its lifespan and reduce your heating bills.

Gas Boiler Servicing|Gas Boiler Service |Service Boiler|Boiler Service

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